The Body By Vi Review That Reveals What It REALLY Takes To Win The Challenge

Meet Rachel Jackson, one of the most unlikely success stories to ever create a Body By Vi review.

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I’m a professional yo-yo dieter. Sitting down with my best friends last week I exclaimed “I’ve lost over 150lbs!”

“Huh?? What?” They responded and looked at me as if i had one eye.

Smiling at my own cleverness “Seriously, I’ve lost 15lbs at least 10 times.”

They laughed and we went back to our conversation.

But it’s true. I’ve tried every diet since I was a 16. Special K cereal, Atkins, Low fat, no fat, Low carb, no carb, South Beach, Miami Beach. One time I fasted 2 days a week and drank a nasty concoction that tasted like the stuff they make you drink before a CT-scan. I called those 2 days, “hell days.”

Shakes. Pills. Skipping meals. Hours on the treadmill. I tried it all.

I hit my heaviest weight in July 2010, when I stepped on a scale in our new house in Houston Texas.

“157!!!!!!!” I shrieked screaming to my husband down the hall. “Hubs, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?”

I know what happened.

Stress happened.

After 12 months of working behind a cubicle working 60, 70, even 80 hours a week. Food had become a comfort, and often an after thought.

Take outs, vending machine runs, and pizza delivery was on our daily menu.

Despite having a background in nutrition (3 years as a nutritionist), I completely abandoned everything that I knew for the pursuit of a high paying, demanding job in mortgages.

Thankfully, my husband Josh sympathized. He was on his own “battle on the bulge” himself.

Yelling back down the hall “I don’t even want to know mine”

He had gained 30lbs in that year I gained 18lbs.

So we set off on another quest.

I joined a gym, we bought some books. Started counting calories and carbs and cutting out our favorite foods.I worked out intensely for 4-5 days a week.

Eight months later, Josh’s weight remained a towering 245lbs and mine had only dropped eight pounds.

I had almost given up.

But then something amazing happened.

I was scrolling the Facebook newsfeed one day and I saw a before/after picture one of my best friends posted.

“BodyByVi 90 Day Challenge” was the header. ‘What is the challenge?’ I wondered.

The photo blew me away.

My best friend had lost 42lbs and 5 dress sizes in just 90 days.

The Voice Of Denial That Almost Prevented This Body By Vi Review From Ever Being Written

My initial thought was “What the heck!! Why didn’t she call me to tell me about this” but that quickly turned to complete denial.

That wouldn’t work for me.
I’ve tried everything.
The weight always comes back.

But the nagging curiosity did me in and I decided to do my own investigation. Soon after some web searching of Body by Vi’s results, I started seeing hundreds of transformations similar to Jenn’s.

Could this really be the panacea of weight loss?

It came with a 90 day money back results guarantee.

I decided to give it a try. We both were sick and tired of being sick and tired and thought – this could be the thing that starts us off to a healthier lifestyle.

Plus she promised that the “Shake Mix tastes like Cake Mix”

I like cake.

We accepted the challenge a few days later the box arrived at my door. Nice packaging, but first the “taste test” – I opened the bag of shake mix… and immediately had memories flood back of growing up in Wisconsin baking Sara Lee cakes with my mom.

“Maybe it really is cake mix,” I quipped to Josh as I made him smell it.

Then something religious happened. Our first shake. It was almost an out of body experience.

“THIS is healthy? Are you sure?” Josh gulped down his shake in sections. Peanut butter, chocolate… a “Reeses” shake!

“That’s what they promise!”

Two weeks later of cake shakes and healthy snacks, still enjoying our favorite night outs at Rancheros Mexican Cantina nearby in Houston… we stepped on the scale.

I lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. What had taken me EIGHT MONTHS PRIOR to achieve, I did in a few days with my Transformation Kit from BodyByVi.

Josh took the scale. 10. Pounds. GONE.

Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge A Success!!

We were hooked. We decided, this is something special we gotta CHALLENGE everyone to do this with us. So we called our family and friends and started sharing our results.

Josh’s parents accepted, mine shortly after. Our friends Bill and Dee and my best friend Julie joined us within a matter of days. And we were off.

It was just a matter of 90 days later that our lives would be changed forever.

I hit my goal of 10lbs lost, but even more so – dropped 2.5″ off my waist and two pants sizes. Now, multiple challenges later, I went from my starting weight of 150lbs and 32% body fat, to 140lbs and 16.5% body fat.

Josh lost 25lbs those first 90 days.

My mom Patty lost 28lbs drinking magic shakes.

My inlaw both lost 20lbs in 90 days.

My best friend Tara’s brother Dave lost 77lbs on the Challenge in just 12 weeks.

Our whole network was shrinking.

“What is in this stuff?” We joked and questioned each other as Josh and I shopped for new clothes and belts. We couldn’t contain our confidence. For the first time in years, I was wearing shorts again and Josh wasn’t shy to take off his shirt at the pool.

But what was really in it?

Why was the Project 10 Challenge so effective?

How do you know it’s going to work for you?

First off, you gotta know a little bit of history. Vi is not a new fad or “the hottest new craze” but it’s actually the #1 platform to get a health transformation. Even if you’ve never heard of it, over the past 4.5 years…

  • Over 3 million people have accepted the challenge!
  • They have lost tens of millions of pounds.
  • Consumed a half a billion meal replacement shakes.

So, needless to say “it’s not on trial”!

But what is Body by Vi and their Project 10 Challenge?

The Challenge is based around Project10. An initiative where ViSalus challenges every adult who can lose 10lbs or build 10lbs of lean muscle.

When they do it, they get 10 shots to win $1,000 (10 lucky winners each week are chosen), they win a free “iLOSTit” or “iBUILTit” t-shirt and Vi sponsors a child suffering from childhood obesity for 30 shake meals on your behalf.

It’s as simple as this:

Step 1 – You set a goal (Do you want to lose it – or build it?)
Step 2 – You select a kit. We have 5 unique challenge kits to help you get your transformation
Step 3 – You enter to win

Vi gives away tens of millions of dollars a year in cash, free product, prizes, and vacations for those who complete their Project10 Challenge and get the best transformation.

But Rachel, WHY does it work? Without a doubt, the secret lies within the SCIENCE of our product… but none of that matters if you can’t stick with it.

And the Challenge makes it easy.

It’s fun.
It’s sexy.
It’s simple. (no counting points, calories or anything)
It’s affordable. (hello!)
And bottom line, it’s just what people choose to get a transformation.

By now, you know all about the Body by Vi Project 10 challenge.

By now, you know if you are up for trying this yourself.

By now, you know you want to take the challenge. If you would like to take the challenge, then you and I should talk! Schedule your free “ultimate challenge victory call” with me by clicking right here.

(If you want to just jump right in and start the challenge now without speaking with me first you can do that and just join the challenge here.)

If you want to learn more about promoting the challenge and making some extra money on the side, then you can check out my insider ViSalus review here.

Hopefully you’ve read this before you were led astray by other “questionable” Body by Vi reviews out there, and if you are now ready to move forward in some capacity, or even if you just want to speak with me to learn more, I would encourage you to follow one of the three links above that you feel is the best for you –right now!– and take the first action towards achieving your goals.

No matter what you do, I believe in you and I would love to help you get great results and achieve your dreams!

God bless,


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