The ViSalus Review That Reveals What It REALLY Took To Achieve Success

Meet Rachel Jackson, one of the most unlikely success stories to ever create a ViSalus review:

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Read on for the expanded written version of the review…

After four and a half years of struggling in my home business, I remember vividly turning to my husband Josh and saying, exasperated…

“Maybe I’m just not cut out for this.”

For the first time in my adulthood I remember giving up on my myself. But years of investing money we didn’t have, energy, thousands of hours… I thought to myself ‘How much longer can I really give to this plan?’

Like you, from an early age, I knew I was destined to be more, have more, create more. And after nearly a half a decade committed to my current plan, I felt as if I was stuck in quicksand.

Josh looked at me, frustration building in his eyes. “Listen, you’ve got a Ferrari on blocks. You gotta take it out for a spin. You gotta get in the right vehicle.”

I knew in my heart that that vehicle was ViSalus. Seven months of stalking the company, the co-founders, this famous “shake mix that tastes like cake mix”, the Bimmers, the checks, the transformations. I was obsessed with everything that had to do with Body By Vi.

Playing the skeptic, I rejected every attempt for something to recruit me. ‘Pfffft, that company is just a fad! A shake? C’mon! Nobody wants to spend money on lotions, potions and notions.” But instead I knew that I really wanted to do it.

The Fearful Voice That Almost Prevented This ViSalus Review From Ever Being Written

Joshs comments rung in my ears like church bells on Sunday mass. ‘What if, what if, what if…what if I fail? What will people think? What if I try another one of these things and it just doesn’t work? What if, what if what if…”

He continued on…almost reading my thoughts. “What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work and we’re in the EXACT position that we are now. But what if it DOES work, you CAN do this.”

His confidence inspired me to say YES.

But it was only after serious research and contemplation that I pulled the trigger. Being an expert in MLM, I had seen nearly every type of plan.

Binaries, hybrids, matrixes –OH MY!

For those seven months of searching I had interviewed top earners, master distributors, all sharing the MERIT of their own company. But KEY ELEMENTS were always missing – the same KEY ELEMENTS that ViSalus so perfectly pieced together.

Here are of the few MUST HAVE’s you need to amplify your chance of success in Network Marketing:

ViSalus Success Point #1 – Simple, viral marketing system.

People are not duplicable but systems are. Most people starting a business look for something they can duplicate. But here’s the true secret, you don’t WANT duplication. You want viral growth. Vi’s marketing plan had such a simple message, promoters (what we call distributors) were enrolling 2, 3, even 5 customers within 48-72 hours of enrolling.

Furthermore, nearly a third of every new business partner was getting their money back in 30 days or less.

CRUSHING the industry average of less than 2% success. 1500% increase in placing people in profit mode inside of 4 weeks.

People lie, but numbers don’t. Those numbers were jaw-dropping.

Aggressive compensation. Many plans are built on FAST numbers, which are great – but they don’t last. And 98% of networkers lie about their income anyway! So you gotta get to you true numbers.

HERE’S THE FACT ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY: Compensation plans don’t matter.

What matters is what behavior does that comp plan DRIVE.

What attracted me to ViSalus was the 30 day incentives plan like “3 For Free and Rising Star” that DROVE people to take Action.

And it all resulted in a simple math equation. This equation is what I saw that blew my mind: ViSalus’ average revenue per month per promoter.

In layman’s, terms, how much product was each distributor selling per month.

Industry average: $120/month
Vi average: $400/month

When I saw that, I knew I could make the average person (with a desire to succeed) very wealthy.

“You need one quarter the amount of people to make the same amount of people.” My future upline and best friend Aaron told me. I didn’t get it right away and you still may fully understand. But TRUST me. This is everything.

Less people to make the same (or more).

Let that sink in. Again, people lie, but numbers don’t.

“The path is always through the math.” – ViSalus CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Blair

ViSalus Success Point #2 – Economically relevant

Most home businesses are based in accessory products or services. A natural upwell “Oh, I know you’ve been using this $8.99 skin cream from Walgreens for 24 years… but you should be using THIS $120.00 age-defying wrinkle-blasting anti-pigmenting antioxidant miracle serum.”

or the… “This magical berry grown on a side of a mountain/special super charged high gigabyte cell phone service/legal service that you never needed but know you MUST have/you don’t travel but you should spend $75 a month to get discounts on cruises you’ll never take!”

What happens when that person loses their job?

What happens when their spouse doesn’t get their raise to face the 5%-10% inflation each year?

ViSalus’ Product 10 Challenge was based in something so key: Meal replacement.

Their whole model was redirecting money people were ALREADY SPENDING on something that was less nutritious, into something that was better for them, tasted great, and would actually save them money by getting on the Challenge.

ViSalus Success Point #3 – Solving a BIG problem.

Zig Ziglar said it so eloquently, “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll have everything you want.”

My mentor at 24 years old told me “Rachel, if you want to be a millionaire, you need to impact the masses.”

What is the biggest crisis North Americans and Europeans are facing today?

Obesity. It’s a BIG problem (no pun intended!).

Over 70% of America’s are overweight or obese. Over 50% Europeans.
And the numbers are skyrocketing.

Obesity has just surpassed cancer to be the #1 killer in the United States, claiming over 400,000 lives per year.

As a marketer, you have to impact the masses if you want to be wealthy. Niche markets can be great, but ask 100 people what their health goal is, and I guarantee that they want to the shed the fat.

Vi’s Challenge being affordable, allowed people to lose their first 10lbs, win prizes, save money, without giving up their favorite foods. It was sexy, fun, and more importantly: it simply WORKS.

Crush obesity is our mission. Vi will be the #1 provider of Healthy Fast Food on the planet.

ViSalus Success Point #4 – Integrity in leadership.

The leader of leadership John C Maxwell found out very early on in his career of leading some of the biggest church organizations in the world “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

I really wanted to find fault here, I have to be transparent.
I wanted to HATE the leaders.
I did my digging.

Surely, ViSalus’ three cofounders Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola, and Blake Mallen – all being in the tender age of 30-something had have SOMETHING to hide. Right???

I wanted desperately to find the achilles heel of this company. But man was I surprised. Every rock I turned, every person I tested came back with the same clear truth: The three boys were as solid as a rock.

They oozed transparency.
They epitomized passion.
They knew what they want, where they were going, and that they would stop at NOTHING to accomplish their goals.

They had a vision, created a VIBRANT culture, and were true servant-driven leaders. Lead internally to inspire and make a difference in millions of lives.

In a true ‘When Harry Met Sally’ sort of a moment “I’ll have what they’re having!”

ViSalus Success Point #5 – Family culture.

Beyond the products, the compensation, the leadership… I knew I had to pick the right team. So I searched high and low til I found the right sponsor, the right group of mentors.

I looked for competence.
I looked for high moral integrity.
I looked for people who were making it happen and were in it for the long run.

So after all of that, Josh’s words still vibrating in my ears.

“Let’s do it.”

We joined February 23, 2011… and that was the day that FOREVER CHANGED OUR LIFE.

Today could be that day for you, look at today’s date. Memorize it. It’s an anniversary we could celebrate for many years to come.

Following Vi’s simple system, and some “X-Factor” and “secret sauce” training from my upline, in our first 8 days we made $1267.13.

Our next week we made over $2304.00 and earned the FREE ViSalus BMW payment.

“A free car?” I turned to Josh. And we picked out our first BMW, a black sexy hard top convertible. Perfect.

In our first 35 days we hit Presidential Director and brought home over $13,304 in commissions.

A big win! - Rachel Jackson's ViSalus Review
We started winning! Finally!!!!

Over those first 2 months we helped 24 people qualify for their BMW payment (an average income of $1800 a month) and we had created a six-figure residual income and hit Ambassador.

On our way to the top - Rachel Jackson's ViSalus Review
We could finally afford some decent clothes!! :-)

There is no way it could be this simple.

Challenging ourself.
Challenging others.
Following the system.
3 For Free, Stars and Cars.

Within our first 7 months we helped 5 others reach 5-Star Ambassador.

Our ViSalus Royal Ambassador Check - Rachel Jackson's ViSalus Review
This is us! Would have been hard to imagine back when we started.. but we never stopped believing!

…And 11 months after that, made our first million dollars. A MILLION DOLLARS.

Now, three and a half years later our team has created:

  • Three ViSalus millionaires
  • 100+ six figure career earners
  • 1300+ BMW qualifiers

If a 30 year old college drop out who worked in retail, and failed in Network Marketing before can come into ViSalus and apply an insane drive work to a simple system:

What could you do?

My results are not typical, and frankly, sometimes I can’t even believe my story.

But that is the power of having a perfect storm.

That is what this team is. That is what ViSalus is. That is what working along the right mentor can do for you.

Somebody who had always made average pay ($28,000 a year before Vi) can come in an explode their earnings if they are willing.

Vi’s story is just getting started.

And the #1 question I get asked is “Okay great, you’ve had so much success, you’ve earned millions. Why not just stop? Why not just relax? Take it easy? Enjoy what you’ve done.”

I smirk, they simply don’t get it.

Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll stop at nothing to help everybody else get there.

I love what I do, I love who we do it with. I don’t even call this WORK? It’s not a career that I hope to retire from one day, it’s a calling. And my only driver in this plan is to help change as many peoples lives as possible.

Where are you at with your current set of circumstances?

Feeling uninspired?
Too much money at the end of the month?
Do you know that you’re better, called for more, willing to do more…but you just haven’t found that right place?

Friend, I know the feelings.

I was there, 3.5 years ago. But then I did something about it.

It’s time for you to do something about it.

I’m not looking for everybody. In fact, over 98% of the population that hits the page, I have no ability to help. It’s not that I don’t have the desire, I just can’t help them.

Why? Because they don’t really want to help themselves. 98% of the population waits to feel good, they wait for the perfect moment, they wait for the stars and sky to align, they wait for a “sign from God” or to have ‘enough’ money in the bank or to have their “ducks in a row” before jumping for an opportunity.

98% of the population isn’t coachable or teachable.
2% of the population leaves ego at the door.

How do you make nearly $3 million in 44 months when you’ve never done it before? You do as you are told. You ask for instruction. You complete the task and then say “What’s next?”

I’m only looking for 2 out of a 100, friend. The next 2 to develop, train, mentor, coach and guide to their goals and promise land. 98% of the population wants a lottery. 2% of the population just wants a shot.

This might but your shot.

The ViSalus story is just beginning. The best days are ahead of us.

At the cusp of international expansion, partnering with the best product innovators (from companies like Kelloggs), lead by leadership guru’s John C Maxwell to raise up the next 52 Vi-Millionaires and more.

The best days truly are yet to come. For those are ready to make things happen.

If you’ve been let down by other “odd” ViSalus reviews, you enjoyed my honest, nothing-held-back review of ViSalus, and are now thinking about starting your own ViSalus success story, then just click here to schedule a free call with me and we will talk!

God bless,